Welcome to The Heroes of The memeverse wiki.Here you will explore everything about the Meme mythos.Stay tuned as memeverse episodes will be published in this wiki.Here you will learn about important characters like Illuminati,Shrek,and Grandmaster yoda.You will learn about important locations and objects.Episodes will be worked on daily and you are allowed to edit(please read rules before editing)and yeah.This wiki will continue to grow every day and our goal is to reach 100 pages before easter so please help me with.Here is the most current episode(here is link to the episode:Heroes of the Memeverse(Season 1 Episode 7)Old Pal.)This wiki is work in progress so please give me advice.What are you guys waiting for?Start reading and writing!!!!

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Featured Character of the Week

Featured character of the week:Dark Lord Maloc:Maloc was the best friend of Danny Devito.One day,The Illuminati told Malik that if he becomes evil,he could get Unlimited power.Malik took up this offer because Illuminati was such a master manipulator.Once Danny found out this They dueled at Danny Devito's homeplanet,which destroyed a lot of its environment.Danny Smited Dark Lord Maloc right in the face,causing him to need a special enchanted armor that could survive just about anything.He went on to create and rule a dimension named the Necro Dimension,a dimension of death and suffering.Eventually He decided to come back lot's of years later.He found out that Darth sidious now ruled The Omniverse because Illuminati was banished.He decided to become a ally to the ultronius order.

Important Characters.

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